Academy of Health Sciences

About Us

AHS is a free, public charter school in Rochester, NY offering grades 5-8 and focused on the #1 job industry in our community: health sciences!

Our health science focus means that our students learn reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and the arts through the lens of Health Sciences. Health Sciences is about life, service, and innovating to help others thrive. AHS students will be prepared to choose the best college and career path for them!  

AHS Reopening Plan

AHS’s top priority is to protect student and staff safety, while providing excellent education to all of our students. 

AHS is full time in-person learning. Please click here to read our full Reopening Plan

AHS at a Glance

Welcome to Academy of Health Sciences Charter School!

We are excited to invite you to join our community. Apply now to be a part of our innovative and supportive learning environment!

Interested in seeing our campus in person? Attend a tour and experience firsthand what makes our school special.

Text “TOUR” to (585)254-1003 or email and include the word “TOUR” in the subject line for more info!

We look forward to meeting you!


The mission of the Academy of Health Sciences Charter School is to provide a learning environment that ensures academic achievement while preparing students for college and career readiness and lives of service in the health sciences.

What AHS Offers for Rochester Students

  • Caring teachers
  • Rigorous academics
  • Enrichment classes in art, music and P.E.
  • Clubs based on student interests
  • Field trips every year
  • Individualized support based on each student’s needs 
  • Free transportation, breakfast and lunch, and school supplies
  • Full-time School Nurse and Counselor on site every day

Key Design Elements

Culture of Collective Efficacy

Every day, in every relationship and action we take, we believe that everyone can learn and achieve. We do not give up on anyone. 

Positive School Culture

Authentic relationships support personal, mutual respect and empower students for success. 

College and Career Readiness

AHS students are prepared for college and career when they develop good study habits, learn how to access college and other opportunities, meet high academic expectations, and embrace risk-taking and new ideas. 

Middle School Preparation Starting in Grade 5

Grade 5 is the right time to ensure that every student is ready for middle school learning. Students will receive targeted support in concepts that they may have missed in earlier grades. 

Data and Student-Driven Instruction

Collecting and using data every day along with students’ own voices about their learning means everyone is focused on what is needed and is celebrating what is learned! 

Effective Teaching Strategies

Effective teaching happens when teachers engage in a culture of coaching and practice of effective pedagogical strategies that reflect the the New York State Learning Standards with 21st Century Skills, Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework, Gradual Release of Responsibility Framework, and Culturally Responsive Teaching methods.