Academy of Health Sciences


How we prepare students for college, career, and lives of service

Unique Experiences for Students

Academy of Health Sciences Charter School students are engaged in learning through hands-on, student-led experiences.

  • Field Experiences: field trips to science labs, clinics, and other sites in our local community
  • College & Career Vision Day: an annual event where students learn about health science career opportunities from guest speakers
  • Student Clubs: weekly clubs based on students’ interests, including yoga, coding, volunteering, dance, sports, and more

Our Innovative Curriculum

Academy of Health Sciences Charter School’s curriculum is taught through five thematic ideas that focus the learning with an essential question that students must answer using the skills learned in all of their classes. The AHS curriculum is also based on the New York State learning standards for each grade level. Teachers use these standards in addition to a variety of curriculum resources to determine the learning goals for each theme and for each day. In addition, our methods for teaching are designed to be culturally responsive, meaning that what is taught and how it is taught must connect to the high expectations and needs of our students and their families. 

Below are the learning themes that will be taught across each year. 

Theme 1: Identity and Vision

Who am I and how does knowing about growth mindset, learned helplessness, brain functioning and efficacy help me succeed?

Theme 2: Energy and Community

How does being engaged, mindful, and purposeful help me build my future and the future of our community?

Theme 3: Celebrate Diversity

How does being optimistic, wise, and encouraging help me see and celebrate diversity in the world and draw strength from it?

Theme 4: Impact, Innovation, and Invention

How does being more resilient, better educated, and always determined to succeed impact my life?

Theme 5: Learning to Thrive

How is being empowered important to me and my life?