Academy of Health Sciences

Day in the Life of an AHS Student

How our students are empowered every day

Sample Daily Schedule for our Students

8:45 AM: As students arrive, our Principal greets each student by name at the door. Students enjoy chatting with each other while they eat breakfast. All AHS students receive free transportation to school, free breakfast, and free lunch.

9:20 AM: All students, teachers, and staff participate in our Community Meeting. We celebrate successes, and cheer on as classmates win awards! We always end by saying our School Oath together.

9:40 AM: In Advisory, a teacher leads a small group of students as they work on setting goals for the week. Advisory classes also teach conflict resolution, good study habits, and more.

10:00 AM: In ELA class, students read Esperanza Rising. Students learn how authors use “foreshadowing” in books, and discuss what the book tells us about human rights.

12:00 PM: In P.E., students begin a new unit on basketball. Our full-size gym allows students plenty of space to run as they practice drills.

12:40 PM: Students eat a hot lunch in the cafeteria. Students who have earned points for excellent behavior enjoy eating a private lunch with a friend in a classroom!

1:10 PM: In Math class, students review how to convert between decimals, fractions, and percentages. We use examples from health sciences to practice.

3:00 PM: In Science, Engineering, and Technology, students watch a video about life cycles and work as a team to design an experiment.

4:00 PM: Students dismiss to go home. Before they even get home, many parents have already received a phone call from a teacher to celebrate their child’s great work during the day.